Mi Wanmi Electric Multi-function Pot


No need for a separate gas stove nor an induction cooker! This electric multi-function pot is capable of frying, boiling, or steaming your favorite dishes by just plugging it in a socket! The pot is non-stick, the handle does not heat up, and it easy to clean.

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✅ Ceramic pot is resistant to high temperature
✅ Multi-function can cook anything
✅ Non-stick pan
✅ Double-layer design, cool to touch
✅ Comfortable grip
✅ Easy to clean

✔️ This pot comes with a PP body and a high-temperature resistant nano-ceramic interior coating that is perfect for cooking
✔️ It has a capacity of 1.5 liters and it also allows you to cook two different dishes
✔️ An additional module is dedicated to steaming
✔️ The pot can also be used for to fry: one device, many different ways of cooking
✔️ Rated power is 700W, adjustable using the button on the handle

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