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If you're like most of our happy customers, you're not just settling for anything. You want the best that you can find. You want to be part of the cutting edge and to finally live in the future. However... 

It's Not Easy to Find Reliable Smart Gadgets Online

We know what it’s like.
When we buy a smart gadget off a no name store in a marketplace, we thought we found a great deal. However, we would often be disappointed to see that what we bought only lasted only for weeks… even just days after we bought it! 
At first, we would just shrug our purchases off & just told ourselves to buy a new one because it’s just so cheap to buy another one! It wasn’t long before we realized our shopping bills added up because of our repeat purchases & for our friends & family to notice how cheap we are in buying gadgets that always broke (to our embarrassment).
⁣Xiaomi UV Disinfection Cabinet⁣ Pyr Lifestyle
Minimalist at maganda ang design nila, relatively affordable, maganda ang quality, at maganda ang brand! (Napabili ako habang adito ako)
Alvin Tries Tech
Mi Pinlo Portable Blender Pro

Buy premium. Buy peace of mind & satisfaction.

In PYR Lifestyle, we are committed to bring to you the best. 

  • No cheap, easy to break gadgets
  • Only innovative, high-tech, & futuristic gadgets & tools that save you time & let you do what matters
  • Trustworthy after-sales support & repair that our customers love

Where form meets function

Carefully engineered smart features marries well-thought design. A perfect fit for your humble abode!

Say goodbye to cheap designs from the palengke!

Mi AIRMATE Circulation Fan

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Everybody loves PYR Lifestyle!

From ambitious Filipinos to Youtubers & media celebrities, everyone has put their trust on us for their smart gadget needs. You can count on us!

At Xiaomi, we always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.
Expect more. Achieve more.
We promise to give you the most:
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Excellent
  • Long lasting
  • Quality-wise
  • Reliable
products and services that we could offer. Some of our products are inclusive of 1 year warranty. Thank you!! 🙂

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