Mi Ceramic Knife


Extracted from zirconia nanomaterials using modern techniques, this Xiaomi Ceramic Knife Set can truly slice and peel like no other. Light and stiff, the knives and peeler are a pleasure to use. Elegantly designed to suit most modern households.

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The knives are produced by heavy pressure, sintering, grinding and other processes. No metal ions dissolved, more healthy and environmentally friendly, free from wear, lock the original food. Selection of Australian Zircon Sand Quality Naturally Forms.

High Temperature “Vacuum Carburizing” Technology More Environmentally Friendly And Safer Different from the ordinary black ceramic knife that is powdered and fired, the hot ceramic knife uses the “high temperature vacuum blackening technology”, adding a “Carburizing” process.

The carbon powder penetrates into the interior of the raw material, fills the gap, and is fully dense, making the blade harder, more glossy, more environmentally friendly and safer.

What’s in the box:
1 x 8 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 6 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 4 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 5 Inch Peeler



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