Mi Air Purifier X



The Mi Air Purifier X adopts a brand-new metallic appearance design which looks a bit like a normal mini-tower computer. The air vent is at the top alongside an LCD screen for checking the quality of the air inside the apartment.

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In addition, the Mi Air Purifier X is also equipped with a more sensitive VOC sensor imported from Switzerland, which can more sensitively detect the content of indoor VOC pollutants, supports 5-fold high-precision filtering and powerfully removes VOC and formaldehyde. Data will be displayed on the screen to help users understand the indoor VOC pollution situation more intuitively.

The Mi Air Purifier X comes with an integrated filter element that supports 5-fold high-precision filtration, including:

✔️ Integrated with activated carbon, the developed pore structure can firmly adsorb formaldehyde, VOC and other gaseous pollutants
✔️ H13 grade HEPA filter can filter 80-90nm bacteria, viruses and other pollutants
✔️ Antibacterial coating with an efficiency of over 99.99%, resisting influenza and bacteria
✔️ Anti-virus coating, the anti-virus rate exceeds 99.99%
✔️ You can wash the initial filter with water to intercept large pollutants such as debris and hair.

The Mi Air Purifier X is good for rooms of up to 40sqm.

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