Xiaomi Head Massager


A head massager of three zones – neck, head, and eyes. It has 7 massage heads which press major acupoints like Chengguang and Baihui. It forces the blood circulation and relaxes the scalp.

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For the eyes zone, there is a temperature massage available. The temperature hot compress (40℃) helps to relieve symptoms of dry and sore eyes. A perfect solution for students and people who work with the PC a lot.

Neck massage is provided with 2 heads which affect the muscles with high-frequency vibration and temperature.

The head massager can be controlled through Mijia App. In the App the user can adjust heat temperature, select massage mode, and set up a massage time.

Usual massage is boring? Turn on the music! Using a Bluetooth connection the user can enjoy favorite music during the massage session.

The model has a built-in 2400mAh battery which provides 6-8 cycles of operation (in case of using 15 minutes per cycle).

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