Xiaomi Car Inflatable Mattress


A solution to emergency situations, the car inflatable mattress allows you to instantaneously transform your backseat into a bed. Also great if you need to rest or when you are going camping.

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✅ T-shaped support is more reliable. Sleep peacefully and unafraid of collapsing. The T-shaped support structure is used as the load-bearing core, which greatly increases the bearing capacity of the inflatable bed and enhances the cushioning performance and stability of the bed.
✅ Common models are fully adapted to five-seater and more than five-seater family cars, and the seats can be adjusted appropriately for different models. Has reached the standard for width use.

Inflatable Process and Method:

It is recommended to place the inflatable bed in the rear seat so that it can fit the rear seat of the car more.

  1. Take out the air pump and lighter car charger and insert it into the corresponding interface in the car
  2. Open the double inflation door and use the large air nozzle to start rapid inflation
  3. Close the medium valve and use the medium valve until it is full
  4. The supporting headrest can be filled with a small air nozzle


  1. This product is not a life-saving equipment; it cannot be used in water.
  2. Please do not use it to touch any sharp objects.
  3. Please tighten the nozzle during inflation process.
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