Smart Towel Dryer with UV Disinfection


Towels, rugs, or even your shirt still soaking wet after your bath or shower? Here’s the solution! Smart Towel Dryer with UV Disinfection. Quickly dries and disinfects towels and clothes.

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✅ Material: ABS
✅ 50 Deg.C temperature drying, ultraviolet disinfection efficiency
Smart body sensor, automatically shut down automatically when the human body has been detected within 2.5 meters, automatically open when the body is away
Water-resistant air inlet and outlet the air inlet and outlet are designed at the bottom and opposite to the direction of normal water flow
One key to start
DC brushless motor technology to effectively reduce noise in hot air ducts
Quickly dry and dehumidify, and continuously protect the health of your family’s towels and clothing
Suitable for: ceramic tile, marble, stainless steel, and glass wall

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