Petkit Pet Drinking Fountain


The Petkit Pet Drinking Fountain is a sleek and intelligent water bowl for your pet, filtering water through three different medias to ensure a debris-, heavy metal-free supply of water for your pet always. It even adjusts the water welling frequency depending on the time of day!

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✅ RELIABLE DESIGN: The PETKIT Pet Drinking Fountain is eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and durable. Embedded LED lights can easily remind you of the fountain working status. And the pump will shut off automatically when the water level is too low in the fountain. The smart mode is solely designed for lower power consumption.
✅ PURIFICATION SYSTEM: All of our PETKIT series pet water fountains are filtered with a mesh, a water loop pulp filter, an activated carbon filter, Ion-exchange-resin. This means your pet gets filtered and oxygen-enriched water designed for the protection of your pet’s health.
INDICATORS: Will inform you to refill the water tank in time to avoid a shortage of water. Otherwise, it will power off automatically and the indicator tells you to replace the filter regularly.
ENHANCED SILENT PUMP: With this silent pump you can hardly hear any sound coming from the fountain (<40DB in 40cm range). This means that with the Gen 3 Eversweet Pet Water Fountain you will not have any noises even in your bedroom.
BACK-UP BATTERY: If the power goes out, five (5) AAA batteries will allow to remain ON for approximately 7 days. Alternatively, a power bank battery can be used to supply power to the fountain via a USB port.

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