Mi Momoda Head Massager


Perfect for headaches and eye relaxation

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Perfect for headaches and eye relaxation.
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Mi Momoda Head Massager
A head massager of three zones – neck, head, and eyes. It has 7 massage heads which press major acupoints like Chengguang and Baihui. It forces the blood circulation and relaxes the scalp.
▪️Graphene Hot Compress On Neck And Eyes
▪️Eyes, Temple, Neck Massage
▪️Rapid Temperature Rise, 40°c constant temperature 3D air pressure massage And 7 silicone massage heads effectively relieves headache and fatigue
▪️Improving Blood Circulation And Relaxing Scalp
▪️4 Modes [ Auto, Eyes, Head, And Neck]
▪️Multiple Adjustment, Open Up To 165mm Width
▪️Up And Down By 30mm, Front And Back 48mm
▪️Skin-Friendly, Soft, and Comfortable
▪️Built-In earphones, Enjoy music while massaging
▪️2400mAh, long endurance rechargeable with Type-C Interface
▪️ABS Material, environmental friendly and durable
Power Input: 5V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Power: 7.4W Product Weight: 1.1kg
Product Size: 215 x 251 x 256mm

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