Baseus Screen Hanging Monitor Light


The stepless dimming monitor light has been designed with your eyes in mind – offering a perfect solution for late night screen working or when working in low light environments. Simply connect the light to your screen and power via USB. The special dial provides stepless dimming allowing you to adjust the brightness of the lamp to match your environment.

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This is perfect for if you need to work late whilst not disturbing others with bright lights. This light provides perfect illumination for your immediate vicinity without disturbing people in your environment. 

In addition, it is perfect for gaming or late night entertainment when your eyes can become sore and strained through viewing monitors in poor light. 

Your eyes are vulnerable to the effects of working in conditions that are either too bright or too dark. We have all felt the effects of, for example using a laptop in a darkened room. The light takes those negative effects away and is much better for your eyes.

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