Xiaomi P1 Electric Mosquito Zapper


Get rid of those pesky mosquitoes and bugs from your home. Swat them or lure them with the Xiaomi P1 Mosquito Zapper.

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  1. ⁣Connect the electric mosquito swatter with the charging base, plug the swatter in the charger and begin charging. When it is being charged, the red light glows, and the green light glows indicates the battery is full. ⁣
  2. Switch the function switch to the middle, press the strong electricity key, the red light indicates the power transfers in the metal net layer (high voltage, no touching). Grasp the swatter and swing the device close to the mosquitoes and flies so that the net touches to them, where they will be killed instantly. Release the strong electricity key, and the swatter is switched off, but the voltage remains for a few seconds on the metal net, so please don’t touch the metal net, as the voltage will be released automatically after a while.
  3. When the function switch switches to the top, the red light glows, the smiling face light glows in purple color, at that moment, it is not necessary to press the button, as there is direct output high voltage on the metal net, then it is in the mosquito luring and killing mode. Notice: As there is direct output high voltage on the metal net in this mode, it is strictly forbidden to be approached by the kids.
  4. When the red light twinkles or is off, the smiling face light is off, or there is no high-voltage or low high-voltage, it indicates the energy of the battery is lower than the working voltage, please recharge the swatter in time. When it is charging, please switch the function switch to the bottom to turn off the power.
  5. When power is off, please fully charge till the green light glows before using. If it is not full charged, the indicator Light and smiling face light will twinkle or off.
Weight 390 g
Dimensions 515 × 220 × 54 mm
⁣Input Interface


Output Voltage of the Metal Net

DC 2800V-3000V

Battery Capacity


Charging Time

About 4-5 Hours

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