Xiaomi OCooker Automatic Noodle Maker


You can now easily make your favorite noodles in the comfort of your home with our Automatic Noodle Maker. Just pour in the ingredients and it will automatically knead and produce fresh noodles.

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✅ Four functions, easy to operate:

Microcomputer control just prepares the ingredients and press the buttons easy to make delicious dishes.

✅ 360° no dead angle kneading:

The kneading claws can be automatically stirred and kneaded with 360 ° without dead corners, and repeatedly turned and kneaded like a human hand, seamlessly connecting with the traditional kneading methods.

✅ Stainless steel kneading claw:

The QCOOKER automatic noodle machine uses stainless steel imitation hand kneading claws, which combines cutting and kneading in one so that the water and powder are fully kneaded to prevent the dough from getting bigger and bigger

✅ The traditional method of making dough:

Imitating the traditional manual technique, let it stand for 3 minutes after making the dough, so that the flour and water are fully mixed, and the dough is smoother and more elastic. Too fun

✅ Traditional rolling techniques:

The three-stage extruding noodle bar, the antique method of pressing the noodles, inherits the pure hand-made noodles, Making noodles does not stick.

✅ Automatic dripping, no need to pay attention:

Capacity drip cup, once filled with water. After the machine is started, a drip cup can be placed to automatically add water without the need to repeatedly pour water manually.

✅ Smooth without clogging:

Intelligent automatic anti-blocking function prevents the situation where flour is too dry to make noodles, removes excess noodles, and reduces residue.

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