Xiaomi Massage Roller


A deep tissue massage roller ideal for physical therapy, exercise, yoga, and deep tissue muscle massage. Hedgehog floating point massage with moderate hardness, effectively relaxes muscles, promotes blood circulation, and improves sleep.

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✅ Relaxation After Working Out

Easily stimulate acupuncture points and relax muscles. After a workout, the roller can help to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and restore energy while cooling down, to take the new step of the challenge.

✅ 3D Bump Design For Deep Massage

Promotes a healthy back and reduces existing back pain. The yoga muscle relaxer roller has 156 3D bumps to achieve deeper massage of your muscles, relax tightness, reduce lactic acid from building up, and relieve the soreness. Perfect for improving Balance, Flexibility, Stretching, Muscle strengthening, Stabilization and Spinal adjustment. Helps prevent Delayed-Onset-Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and is ideal for Injury Rehabilitation exercises.

✅ Moderate Hardness

The soft, elastic EVA material is comfortable and skin-friendly, which is suitable for ladies’ skin and pain tolerance of beginners. Yunmai relaxer roller is gentle with moderate intensity of pressure. This Foam Roller Massager is great for Myofascial release and increases blood flow throughout the body.

✅ Pressure Resistance & High Load Capacity

The 45cm length of roller gives a wider contact area with your body, which is suitable for any size of the body. Besides, the solid design has given a strong pressure resistance and high load capacity up to 250kg to the roller. Thus, the roller is durable and stays in shape.

✅ High Quality, Eco-friendly, Skin friendly, Washable With Water

High quality material EVA+PVC: hollow yoga roller, EVA surface, soft and comfortable, strong load-bearing capacity, durable EVA material, close to the skin. The relaxer roller is made of eco-friendly material which complies with national standard, toxic-free and odorless. Besides, the roller is washable with water after using and dry it with a towel.

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