Portable Toilet 10L


The solution to emergency pee or poop breaks without having to deal with gross gas station toilets! This portable toilet is surprisingly clean and easy to use. Comes standard with a full-size seat for a more comfortable use.

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With you in 1-3 days in Metro Manila, 3-14 days in the rest of the Philippines

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✅ Full-size seat for more comfort and sturdiness
✅ Flushes the toilet with clean water – just press the button next to the seat
✅ Corrosion-resistant side latches to lock both tanks together
✅ One-piece high-density construction – no seams left
✅ Tanks detachable for convenient cleansing the potty
✅ Pedestal design offers convenience

Dimensions 415 × 365 × 20 mm

Light Grey


HDPE Plastic

Max Weight Capacity

200 kg

Waste Holding Tank Capacity

10L, for 2 people 3 days

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