Petkit Nail Clipper


This nail clipper is safe and easy to use with an inbuilt safety light to help you clip your pets nails with confidence! With Stainless Steel Blades for a quick and clean cut, ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and a handy nail storage box for an easy clean up, cutting your pets nails has never been so easy! The Inbuilt Safety light illuminates the nail making the ideal cutting location simple to identify.

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✅ BUILT-IN LED LIGHT – The LED light clearly illuminates the bleeding line so you don’t have to worry about hurting your pet
✅ SHARP AND DURABLE – Sharp blade using hard steel, durable, not splitting cracks. Clever triangular blade, laminating pet nail shape, cut a more accurate.
STORAGE DESIGN – Transparent baffle that opens and closes freely Prevents splashes and keeps nails clean and neat.
FILE CUTTER DESIGN – You can perform further trimming to make your pet’s nails no longer sharp
FEEL COMFORTABLE – Imitation leather handler: comfortable, beautiful and non-slip
✅ Applicable Pets
AUTOMATIC SPRINGBACK DESIGN – Durable spring, back to the elastic stability, cut easily 

Weight 144 g
Dimensions 148 × 48 × 23 mm
Product Name

PETKIT LED nail clipper


ABS/ Stainless Steel


LR44 x 3

Applicable Pets

general for cats and dogs

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