Momax QLED Flex⁣


A desk lamp that best suits your side table, work table, or study table. The QLED Flex light is removable, has no flicker, and reduces eye strain. 10w wireless charging allows you to leave your phone overnight or when you are at work.

Available in Mint Green, White, and Black.

2 days risk-free return & exchange policy, for new & unused returned without damage.

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✅ Reading mode, natural light is soft and glare-free, no flicker, reduces eyestrain⁣
✅ 5 levels of brightness, freely switch from light to dark⁣
✅ 3 color temperatures: 2800K-3000K warm yellow light / 3500K-4100K natural light / 4800K-5200K cold light⁣
✅ Wireless charging base, woven mesh decoration, unique and stylish⁣
✅ 10W Max. wireless fast charging, convenient and fast⁣
✅ Flexible lamp arm, free bending, offers 360 ° light source⁣
✅ Support FOD function, detect metal foreign objects, flashing red light, and automatically off output⁣
✅ Built-in smart chip, multiple protection, safer charging⁣

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