Mi Shoe Dryer


A machine that dries and deodorizes your shoes leaving it ready for its next journey with you. With a dual telescopic hose combined with a tilting body, you are sure that any type of shoe can be dried and sanitized qith our shoe dryer.

2 days risk-free return & exchange policy, for new & unused returned without damage

With you in 1-3 days in Metro Manila, 3-14 days in the rest of the Philippines

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Orders will come from Quezon City. Shipping will be booked by customers, & shipping fee will be shouldered by the customer.

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✅ ⁣Constant temperature drying shoes, four drying shoe mode, four-stage drying⁣
✅ Ozone care, effective antibacterial⁣
Multiple purpose machine, dry dehumidification, cold protection
Double U-shaped air outlet dries two pairs of shoes⁣ at a time
Wrap-around heat flow for 360-degree cycle drying⁣

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