Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2


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A very capable robot vacuum with mop designed to clean up to 150 ㎡ in just one pass. Instantly removes dirt and debris due to its strong suction power from its Japanese NIDEC brushless motor. Also has an upgraded pressurized mopping to help remove stains!

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2

✔️2700Pa strong suction, instant cleaning of the dust
The Japanese NIDEC brushless motor provides consistently strong suction power to effectively remove dirt and debris in an instant. From tiny dust and hair to large crumbs and debris, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 cleans them all up instantly.

✔️Upgraded pressurized mopping to help remove stains
The newly upgraded pressurized mopping module provides more efficient cleaning, to eliminate water stains, dust and more.

✔️Capable of cleaning an entire 150 ㎡* home in one pass
Equipped with a 250 ml* smart electronically controlled water tank, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 can mop a 150 ㎡ floor without refilling.

✔️Accurately scan the entire house layout and plan the most efficient route
The newly upgraded high-speed visual navigation system enables accurate scanning of home environments while moving, and simultaneous creation of cleaning plans.

✔️Customized smart interface, helping the cleaner to go where you tell it to
Advanced map management features have been upgraded to meet more personalised cleaning needs compared to previous generatioin, with new features such as automatic zoning and map editing.

✔️Up to 110-minute battery life, able to deal with a large house easily
Upgraded battery capacity of 3200mAh, 110-minute battery life* under standard mode, saving you the time and trouble.

✔️Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP
The APP provides real-time status monitoring, remote control and scheduled cleaning.

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