Mi Pinlo Monster Mini Blender


With a relatively small size, lightweight body, portable, and exquisite design, the Pinlo Monster Fruit and Vegetable Mini Blender has a 500W / 30000RPM tough and powerful electric motor providing you tasty juice rapidly. Just press down and experience the quick blending of your fruits or vegetables.

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✅ Mini size and adorable body: simple and exquisite design, providing you great viewing feeling
✅ 500W / 30000RPM electric motor: tough and powerful, helping you smash the fruit or ice quickly
Chain press structure: easy for you to operate, simple and safe
Strong system: equipped with eddy-current stirring system, the machine provides you tasty juice rapidly
External whirl design: you can clean it thoroughly, no need to worry the remains, convenient and safe


– When cooking fruits or vegetables, cut them into blocks, making them more delicate.
– It is not recommended that this product be used to crush hard food materials such as sugar, nuts, medicinal materials, etc.
– Don’t cook overheated food (the highest temperature is 40 Deg. C)
– Don’t add boiled water to avoid scalding.
– When cleaning the silicone rubber ring of the machine, be careful not to touch the edge of the knife, so as not to cut the sealing ring.
– When cooking, do not add more than 450 ml of processing capacity indicated on the cooking cup.
– The working time of dry cooking materials should not exceed 30 seconds.
– The working time of liquid cooking should not exceed 1 minute, and the interval between two consecutive uses should be at least 1 minute.
– It is strictly forbidden to idle the cooking cup for a long time (no food in the cup) or to use it  overloaded.

Rated Power

500 W

Rated Voltage

220 V

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