Mi Pangao Intelligent Knee Massager for Arthritis


An intelligent knee massager from Xiaomi that targets stiff, painful, and swollen knee joints. Uses heat, vibration, red light technology, and air pressure to improve muscle stiffness and relieve joint pains.

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✅ Heat Therapy & Vibration Massage

The knee machine perfectly combine heat therapy with vibration. Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to reduce stiffness in painful knee joints

✅ Red Light Therapy

8 pcs powerful build-in red light lamps Wavelength: 600nm-700nm

✅ Air pressure massage

With tender air pressure massage, it can improve muscle tissue stiffness reduce pain on affected area and joint swelling: Relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Weight 750 g
Product Name

Intelligent Knee Massager

Power Supply

5V DC 1A (USB)

Lithium Battery

3.7V DC 3400 mAh

Input Power

10 W

Heat Temperature

+38℃ ~ +48℃ (at 10°C)

Surface Magnetic Field Strength

≥0.01 T

Air Pressure Intensity

260 mmHg

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