Mi Ocooker Electric Stove (Ceramic)


Cook, fry, or boil without the need of special pots or pans. This electric stove is designed so that you wouldn’t need to use LPG, butane, or any induction cookers. Safe, fully-adjustable, and very easy to use.

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✅ Gourmet dishes become more affordable

In life, not every day can please new people, but do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying something tasty every day. Each dinner prepared for yourself is a small piece of happiness, empowering and helping to overcome any difficulties.

✅ Focus on cooking, not choosing dishes

If not every wine is suitable for every dish, then the OCooker ceramic stove is not particularly picky. It can work with any dish that has a bottom that is resistant to high temperature, so you can safely use your favorite pan or frying pan with it.

✅ Works With Any Dish

The special requirements of the stove sometimes make you refuse to buy your favorite pan. But with OCooker, you can use any cookware to quickly warm water or make dinner.

✅ Cook or Fry Without Limits

It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing a simple mashed potato with cutlets for yourself or another culinary masterpiece for a family dinner, the OCooker will help to cope with any task, and thanks to its modest dimensions it can easily find a place on any table.

✅ Lack of high-frequency radiation

The tile works on the principle of infrared heating of the far spectral region, so that it does not emit high-frequency radiation and is completely safe for children and parents.

✅ 20 Convenient Temperature Settings

Precise control and convenient display
High-quality control module allows you to set the temperature within 80-280 °C.
For each type of food or utensil, you can choose the optimal temperature, for example, to achieve a crisp or just maintain a constant cooking temperature.

✅ Fast-heating and Precise Power Control

The 2000 W dual heating element heats up quickly and evenly, helping to save cooking time and pay more attention.

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Dimensions 400 × 115 × 353 mm
Maximum Power

2000 W

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