Mi Leravan Heating Massage Pillow


A heating massage pillow that does not obstruct the posture or the way that you sleep normally. Uses heat and airbag technology to relieve the neck and head of any stress or pain so you can sleep comfortably at night.

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✅ Professional stretching massage pillow. For people suffering from long-term cervical discomfort, you can choose deep stretching or neck massage mode
✅ Whether sleeping on the back or on the side, it can maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine, relieves the pressure on the neck muscles, massage for 15 minutes, and you will sleep peacefully all night.
Temperature Control hot compress, especially lifelong benefits for people with long-term cold neck, massage and hot compress, effectively promote neck blood circulation and relieve soreness.
Wave Pillow Design. Making people turn over and turn their heads freely when sleeping.

Weight 1340 g
Dimensions 460 × 360 × 110 mm
Product Type

Heating Pillow Massager

Input Voltage

220 V

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