Mi Desktop Air Purifier


Breathe easy and worry-free! This Xiaomi desktop air purifier filters out 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses while keeping you cool! Fully adjustable and can be controlled via the Mi Home App.

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✅ 99.6% Filter out 0.3µm Particles

High-precision filter + high-quality activated carbon double filtration, highly effective filtering of various air pollution, 0.3μm particulate matter filtration rate as high as 99.6%.

✅ 99.99% Antibacterial and Antiviral

Protect against breathing hazards
Antibacterial and antiviral double coating, extinguishes some bacteria and viruses, and delivers healthy air without fear of bacteria and viruses.

✅ 4 Speeds

Preset 4 levels of air volume, low noise and purification, quiet and not disturbing.

✅ C-type Large Wide-angle Surround Air Intake

Innovative C-shaped air duct, C-shaped filter element, maximize the air inlet area, accelerate the purification speed, and continuously output clean air flow.

✅ Mijia APP + Xiao AI, Easy Intelligent Control

Connect to Mijia APP through WIFI, you can know the life of the filter element at any time, and it can be controlled remotely, and it can be turned on and off. At the same time, it supports the voice control of Xiao Ai, which is linked with other smart products of Mijia.

Rated Voltage

100-240 VAC

Rated Power

6 W

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