Mi Cordless Under Cabinet Light


A multi-application use under cabinet light that has a hand sweep sensor plus a knob opertion. You can also adjust and set a timer function for its operation. Wireless installation and long-lasting battery.

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Wireless | Hand Sweep Sensor + Knob Operation | Made of Aluminum Alloy 

✅ Wireless Installation

Comes with power supply, no wiring, convenient installation and enhance life experience.

✅ Hand Sweep Sensor

Put your hand under the light, it will be bright when you sweep it, hover to adjust the light

✅ Knob Operation

Press the knob lightly to enter the timing mode, when the timing is over, there is also a sound prompt

✅ Simple Design

Aluminum alloy integrated appearance, integrated timer, cleverly integrated into various kitchen styles

✅ ELED Side Light

The lamp body is 60cm long and the brightness is up to 400lux, which is comfortable lighting

✅ Long Battery Life

Up to 33 Hours of Battery Life
33 Hours 1Month Use frequency ≤2 times/day
Minimum brightness battery life
7200 mAh Lithium battery capacity

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