Mi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro


No more feeling dry with our very own Mi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro!

An aromatherapy diffuser that releases nano ultra-fine water mist which does not damage the natural components of essential oils. The silver ion antibacterial material makes humidification safe and healthy to use. Portable and rechargeable which can be used for 10 hours per charge.

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✅ It has a built-in 5000mAh battery, which can be used for 3 hours when it is fully charged. It can be used in different scenes at home and experience the happiness without positioning.
✅ The seesaw button, you can easily find it only by touch. The large range of seesaw buttons and the undulating arc design make it easy to identify the function position of fogging and light through the touch of your fingertips, and you can easily press it. Start function.
Nano ultra-fine water mist diffuses and does not damage the natural components of essential oils. The 3.0Hz atomization sheet made of TDK materials is used to generate high-frequency mechanical vibration energy through the ultrasonic atomization sheet to transform water particles into water molecules below 10UM. The negative pressure generated by the wind of the fan in the water tank cavity diffuses the fine atomized moisture in the air without damaging the natural components of the essential oil, so as to achieve a good aromatherapy atomization effect.
Silver ion antibacterial material, aromatherapy humidification is healthier, the product water tank material uses silver ion material, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
Humanized intelligent protection, 360ML large-capacity water tank, sustainable use for 10 hours, the product has a built-in automatic detection chip, the red light on the top of the product flashes when the water is lacking, and the thoughtful intelligent automatic power-off, rest assured, safe experience.

How to use the Mi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro:

  1. Open the Mi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro
  2. Add water & scent
  3. Close and push the button on top
  4. Your diffuser is now on! No more dry feeling!

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Water Tank Capacity

360 mL

Power Supply

5V/ 2A

Interface Input




Battery Capacity

2500mAh x 2


Colorful lights


Aromatherapy, Humidification, Night Light

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