Mi AIRMATE Circulation Electric Fan


Blow off the bad experiences of your life and start anew! The Airmate Circulation Electric Fan covers a wide angle and circulates air inside the room. The 32-speed air volume allows for a fine adjustment that will suit your mood.

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☑️ Full-house cycle⁣
☑️ Natural Breeze⁣
☑️ Neutralize the temperature⁣
☑️ Balanced Oxygen⁣

✅ Suitable for all seasons:⁣

Can help air conditioners, to heaters to balance the temperature of the room, to the auxiliary laundry turbid, suitable for all seasons, the breeze that flows in the home, allows the family to breathe fresh air with good humor.⁣
Core Technology: Core technology, powerful power, forms a concentrated vortex wind speed, which can be pushed further.⁣

✅ 32-speed air volume:⁣

32-speed air volume adjustment, there is always a suitable file for the current mood; a baby wind button, adjust quickly to sleep.⁣

✅ Oscillation: 3D three-dimensional rotating head, wide range of air supply in large areas, completely shakes the indoor air.⁣

Weight 3340 g
Dimensions 285 × 762 mm


Rated Power

35 W⁣

Cord Length


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