Mi 70mai Swift Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


Mi 70mai released a portable and ergonomic car vacuum cleaner which has a 1:1 charge ratio per use which means equal or more use per recharge. This makes it efficient and effective to use daily.

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✅ Flexible Access to Anywhere

Free your movement for cleaning your car, hard-to-reach corners or any other high place as there is no cord attached to it.

✅ Comfortable Use with Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic U-shape handle is designed for a comfortable grip to avoid accidental dropping and injury.

✅ Easy to Store

Lighter than standard vacuums, which can be put in cup holder, cabinet and pocket of your car and save much space.

✅ Powerful Suction, Effective Cleaning

Pressurize with multi-level cyclone air flow and designed with spiral fan blade. The powerful suction can ensure quick, deep cleaning since you can easily collect food residue, dust, hair and powder inside the car.

✅ Long Battery Runtime

Equipped 4 batteries with 4000mAh. Enough to complete a thorough car cleaning without feeling the need to hurry or worry about the car battery draining too much.

✅ Improved Air Quality with HEPA Filter

Double filtration system reduces contamination in vacuum exhaust air, ensuring that you aren’t breathing the dirt and dust you are trying to clean.The HEPA filter of 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift is class H11 and capture at least 95% of 0.1 micron particles.

✅ Imported Batteries – 4000 mAH

The batteries are wrapped around the motor, which make the internal structure of the vacuum cleaner very compact, reduces the and is more convenient to use.

✅ Patented ventilation Design – Avoid Raising Dust

Unique ventilation structure makes the wind blow parallel to the ground, avoiding blowing your face, hand and raising dust.

✅ Can be used universally anywhere

As there is no 12V socket required to operate it, the vacuum cleaner is ideal to use anywhere. Be it your home, office, or any 12V or 24V vehicle.

✅ Type-C Interface, Battery Indicator

Fast-charging, three level LED battery indicator, longer battery life

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