Kyubey InstaDry Hard Mat


Diatomite is a kind of pure natural, zero pollution, breathing material that is healthy and environmentally friendly. It is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals that has the ability to achieve strong water absorption, rapid air drying. When Diatomite is crushed into a fine powder, it is called “Diatomaceous Earth.”

Our InstaDry Hard Mat is made of natural diatomaceous earth as raw material.

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✅ SUPER ABSORBENT, QUICK-DRYING: Immediately absorbs water in seconds and dries in minutes
✅ ANTI-BACTERIAL AND ANTI-MILDEW: All-natural properties of Diatomite prevents bacteria or mold build up
✅ SAFE, DURABLE AND NON-SLIP: Asbestos-free, Chemical-free, soft texture, resistant to slips or falls.
✅ ODOR AND HEAT RESISTANT: Strong ability to absorb peculiar smell and moisture, non-burnable
✅ STYLISH AND SLEEK DESIGN: Compliment any style of home décor
✅ EASY MAINTAINANCE: Quickly refresh its functionality and appearance



  1. INITIAL CLEANING: Gently wipe the mat with a damp cloth
  2. REGULAR CLEANING: Rinse the mat with running water and gently wipe with a cloth then leave to air dry
  3. DEEP CLEANING: Use a sandpaper gently grinding the surface until removed and rinse with water then leave it air dry
  4. WASHING CARE: Wipe or Vacuum

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