Breo Neck and Shoulder Massager

Simulates a real neck and shoulder massage.
Breo Rechargeable Neck and Should Massager
SRP 6,999
– Reduces heart rate
– Increases flexibility
– Improves circulation
– Promotes better sleep
As proficient as a professional masseuse
– 4+2 combination arrangement, 6 massage heads simulate 2 pairs of flexible hot hands, double-layer top scraping, kneading, scratching, pressing
* The massager is equipped with special massage nozzles, which are placed under the cover of the device. Thanks to the rounded shape, they are able to move up and down and to the sides, carrying out massage movements AND adapt to the shape of your body.
* In addition, thanks to the use of RTS heating technology, the massager is able to create more comfortable conditions for massage, stimulate blood circulation and, in general, enhance the massage effect.
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 30W
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Charging Connector: Type-C
Dimensions: 330 x 150 x 220mm
Product Weight: 2kg
Battery Life: 60-90 mins per charge
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