Bear Heating Lunch Box 1L


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An elegant lunch box that cooks or warms your meal whether at work, travel, or anywhere! Simply add water and all the ingredients to the lunch box, then plug it in to an electrical socket and simply wait for it to cook for 30-60 minutes.

Bear Heating Lunch Box 1L

* PTC heating element
* 2 metal containers with silicone sealing ring cover
* Button Control with light indicator
* 40-minute average cooking time
* Anti-dry protection
* Egg tier, measuring cup, detachable power cord
* Warming, steaming, boiling function
* Single tier or double tier flexible stack
* With handle and anti-slip feet
* Vacuum pump for airtight sealing the containers
* 270W
* 220V-240V
* 50/60Hz
* Capacity: 1L/33.8oz

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