Aurabeat AG+ Pro Medical-grade COVID-19 Eliminator Air Purifier (Copy)


Medical-grade air purifier that medical professionals recommend. Certified to eliminate 99.9% of Covid-19 virus, influenza, bacteria, and fungi in rooms of up to 43 sqm in 30 minutes. FDA registered and approved!

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✅ Combination of UV-C lamp, H13 HEPA Silver Ion filter and plasma air disinfection technology
✅ Certified to eliminate >99.9% of COVID-19 virus, influenza virus, bacteria and fungi in 30 minutes
✅ FDA-Registered as a Medical Device
✅ Suitable for area with 460 square feet (according to 3.4 CADR per hour)
✅ AUTO CLEAN: Smart sensors detect air quality changes to activate cleaning to filter and destroy contaminants
✅ ANTI-COVID: Tested against actual COVID-19 virus (SARS CoV-2), effectively eliminate >99.9% COVID 19 virus and other microorganisms
✅ MAX AIRFLOW: Built-in high velocity blower can effectively disinfect a 460 sqft space in just under 18 minutes.
✅ ULTRA EFFICIENT: Designed to consume minimal electricity while delivering the most powerful air cleaning

Weight 7920 g
Dimensions 390 × 211 × 628 mm

220 VAC


120 W

Max. noise level (dBA)

≤58 dBA

Particulate CADR (m³/h)

330 m³/h

Max. Area (m²)

43 m²

Filtration Efficiency

≥99.97% (H13 level)

Filter Life

6-18 months (2000 hrs)

Fan Speed Settings


Silver Ion for Antivirus

Plasma Sterilization

UVC Disinfection

PM2.5 Removal

Formaldehyde Removal

Toulene Removal

TVOC Removal

Filter Replacement Reminder

Smart Mode

PM2.5 Sensor


Sleep Mode

Quiet Mode

Child Lock

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